Technical Management

At Aark Shipping & Management Services Pvt. Ltd. ,services are offered by technical staff that have more than 50 years of combined experience between them. We offer customised maintenance and repair for a variety of vessels, and pride ourselves on our individualised attention to each job.

We believe in cultivating a relationship based on transparency, hospitality and communication with our clients, and encourage them to visit us whenever they wish, so they can see first hand how we care for their vessel.

ASMPL is committed to Supply quality products & Services at competitive price. Our Company can supply various makes and models of Marine & Industrial engines, Power plant, Generators, Gas generators, containerised Generating sets, Turbines, Turbochargers, Oil Separators, Module, Air & Refrigeration Compressors, Fresh Water Generators, Pumps, Hydraulics pumps, & motors, Crane, Governors, Bow Thrusters, Deck equipment, Cranes, Tanker equipment, Inert-gas system, Anchor, Anchor Chain, Life boats with Davit, Life rafts etc. Spares like, Crank shafts, Phe Plates, Liners, Piston crowns, Cylinder heads, Piston rings, Bearings, Fuel pumps, Injectors, Nozzle & other spares.


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  • Quality is defined by customer requirements and expectations. Our goal is to provide high quality, consistent products and superior services that meet or exceed customer expectations.
  • We are committed to provide products & services which will optimize customer's operational efficiency by reducing the total cost of ownership.
  • We aim to provide latest technology products and engineering expertise available globally by promptly responding to the customer requirements.
  • With a focus on Customer Satisfaction, we have associated with highly reputed manufacturers, ensuring that we supply top quality products that match International Quality Standards & specifications at competitive pricing.
  • While complying with the applicable legislations, we operate in a safe and healthy manner with respect for our environment.


Aark Shipping & Management Services Pvt. Ltd. offers outstanding Personnel Management & Crew recruitment Services for various types of Vessels with highly qualified and competent multinational crew as per owner's choice & budget while strictly adhering to the statutory & regulatory requirements. One of the key pillars of Aark Shipping & Management Services Pvt. Ltd. is providing quality training, retraining and retaining the crew by ensuring safety and security for the crew members along with highlighting the importance for environmental protection, thus resulting in prevention of accidents and incidences.

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